Murielle Etc... Why this name, who are you ?
My name is Murielle Etc... because my family name is not important. I am French and I have the chance to live in Brittany, by the sea.

I started photography very young, it was one of my passions (with music). My parents offered me a small camera when I was 8 years old. I used to take pictures of my dog, sunsets, little moments of my life.After studying at the Beaux Arts in Nantes, I decided to go to a photography school in Paris to learn the technique.I then became a professional photographer... of cars.After a few years in Paris, I finally moved back to Brittany where I put my photographic passion on hold for a while. Today, I return to my first love with envy. And I now devote myself to more personal photographic works.

"Nature is an artist, I try to capture her creations..."

Images in square format... Why do you want to do this?
A long time ago, when I was only shooting film, I had a medium format camera (a Hasselblad) in square format. So I worked a lot on my framing in this format. And today, even if I changed my camera, I often tend to prefer my images in square format (even if I don't forbid myself to work in other formats, of course). I have always loved this framing, its rigor, its pure and perfect geometric form.

What kind of photography do you do?
My universe is minimalist, uncluttered and especially iodized. Brittany, and more particularly the sea, holds a very special place in many of my series. I observe what is around me, the landscapes, the small details, the changing elements that make up my environment. Nature is an artist and I try to capture her creations, even to metamorphose them (for some series). I work on these fleeting and ephemeral moments which are offered to us, to seize them before they disappear. I then intervene on these "snapshots" to better appropriate them, to add my sensations. I work on them as if they were memories, light and fragile, which fade away little by little.

Why a dominant blue color in some of your series?
Blue is an important color for me, it imposed itself quite naturally, a bit like a common thread. It is a relaxing color, a hue that fascinates me. It is also the color that surrounds me, with the sky and the sea. This tone corresponds well to my universe: my Bluetiful World.

What about black and white?
Lately, I've been going back to black and white. I have always liked this type of images, especially for their timelessness. And then doing B&W forces me to focus on the essential: the subject, the light, the framing... the eye is no longer distracted by the colors and only retains the important.

What equipment do you use?
For a long time, I used film cameras and I was equipped with a medium format (Hasselblad) and a manual reflex (Nikon FM2). But since a few years, I traded this equipment for hybrids from Fujifilm, small quality cameras that are now my favorite. I like small and light cameras, which don't weigh me down at the end of the day, and which know how to be discreet.
For post-production work, now I do it mainly (almost exclusively) with my iPad Pro.